Programme BG07 ‘Public Health Initiatives’

Programme BG07 ‘Public Health Initiatives’ is implemented with the financial support of the Financial mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Norwegian financial mechanism 2009 – 2014. The programme was developed by the Republic of Bulgaria in co-operation with the World Health Organization. The programme’s aim is to maximize the effect of funding in several priority areas which are responsible to a great extent for the national priorities in the healthcare sector, arising from international, European and national treaties and the Bulgarian legislation. In particular, the programme’s aim is to contribute to the achievement of specific results, as follows:

  • Improved governance in healthcare;
  • Improved access to and quality of healthcare services, including reproductive and child healthcare;
  • Improved mental health ;

Reduced inequality among customer groups (with special focus on Roma minority).

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VII - th Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with internetional participation -
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