Device for "Extra-corporal shock-wave therapy"

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Grant Assistance for Local Level Projects

Project Title: Treatment of Muscle Hypertonus of Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy


Problems to be solved by the implementation of the project: The increased muscle tone of children with cerebral palsy is a key problem, which leads to disturbance of the mechanics of movement in the space (crawling, sitting, walking, running), which deforms their performance a little, a lot or fully blocks it. With the implementation of the project, the purchase of a new category of physiotherapeutic equipment will be possible and it is an excellent way to treat the increased muscle tone of children with cerebral palsy. The new equipment will ensure faster and sustained decreasing of the muscle tone of the children with cerebral palsy.

The equipment is protected from the possibility of side effects or complications, which will significantly improve the condition of the upper and/or lower limbs of the children and their ability to walk alone and/or daily manipulative activities and games.

This physiotherapeutic equipment is of a new ecological generation, it has no waste products, no heat is exuded and the energy expenditure for relaxation of muscle groups of children with cerebral palsy is extremely diminished.

Expected Effects of the Project The project allows the purchase of a new generation of physiotherapeutic equipment – equipment for shockwave therapy which allows the decreasing of the muscle tone with fewer procedures and the effect on muscles lasts longer. The equipment allows the treatment of more children because the relaxation of their muscles will lead to improvement of the quality and the range of movement, which will lead to increasing the level of organization of their motorics, which will lead to increasing the quality of their lives.

The children with cerebral palsy in Sofia are round about 500, and for al country are round about 1800 to 2000. The device could service 8 to 10 children daily, as yearly it will be done round about 2400 to 3000 procedures, because a cerebral palsied child needs few therapeutic courses for an year in accordance of their longitudinal need for decreasing of muscle tone and facilitation of the locomotion.

Besides that, in perspective, the equipment will lead to economies for the hospital from expenses for energy and materials for heat treatment.

Also, the new-generation environmentally consistent physiotherapeutic equipment is environmentally friendly in terms of heat emissions and waste products.