Medical Centre

It was created for out-patients` services within the field of the Hospital activities.

The MCentre has 40 out-patients` places for children between 0 and 18 years old from Sofia, country and foreign contries

It offers early diagnosis and complex rehabilitation for infants at “risk for CP” and for children with neuro-motor & psycho-communication delays of different origin.

Specialized offices and staff

The offices have unique equipment, modern therapeutic apparatuses, rehabilitation devices and facilities.

The following high educated staff work in:

  1. The profiled medical offices: neurologists, physiatrists (medical doctors for physical medicine and rehabilitation) and orthopedic surgeon as well as physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

  2. The functional laboratories: EEG; EMG; Computerized Pedobarometria

  3. The non-medical profiles: psychologists, logopedists, spec.pedagogue and 1 montesorritherapist;

There are applied the most famous and with proven efficacy therapeutic methods of various schools and there are also tested and introduced the most recent achievements of the ICP therapy. Main rule in the work with the children in the Hospital is to adapt the therapeutic methods to the child but not the opposite - to adapt the child to the therapeutic methods used. This means that the positive and negative sides of numerous therapeutic methods are well known and for the particular child in the particular moment of his/her psycho-motor development are used the most appropriate of them - completely, partially or in combination.

A number of specially trained and experienced specialists from different medical specialities take care for the children, as some of them are graduated abroad: for Vojta-therapy - 2; for neuro-developmental therapy according to Bobath - 3; for Montesorry-Pedagogy and Therapy - 2.

The specialists taking care for the child work as a team for diagnosis and treatment, which determines the tactics and strategy of the medico-pedagogical rehabilitation.