Special education therapists

The hospital has two SE therapists, one of them a Montessori therapist. They work on the development of the children's senso-motorics, individually or in a group, using special means like game therapy and the special methodology of Montessori therapy with its specific tools.

The SE therapists, on their own or together with the rehabilitation specialist, develop the child's knowledge of his/her own body scheme and his/her orientation in the environment. They also develop the child's concentration, attention, constructive thinking (in terms of size, form, heaviness and colour of the objects around hem), memory and other psychological functions, in close collaboration with the psychologist and the doctor who treats the child.

Parents get instructed on how to treat the child at home and their tasks are clarified.

Special education

The impairment of the High Cortical (Brain) Functions of children with cerebral damage is the reason to have difficulties in acquiring cognitive and graphic skills. The problems of their intellectual development are due to the impairment of space knowledge and practice, of the memory and speech structures.

The activities of the SE therapist are complex and aim at: