Special learning therapists

Two SL therapists, one being a Montessori Therapist are available within the Hospital/Department. Their aim is to help develop the senso - motorics in children with special needs, or learning difficulties, by working in individual or group sessions using methods such as game therapy and Montessori therapy.

The SL therapist develops, working closely with the rehabilitators, the child's body perception and its orientation in space. They also help develop the child's concentration, attention, constructive thinking (such as size, form, weight, colour etc), memory and other psychological functions, and collaborating with the psychologist and the treating doctor.

Parent guidance is important as it helps establish their tasks and their behaviours at home and in respect to the child.

The Montessori therapy is an educational and therapeutic system created and developed by the Italian Doctor Maria Montessori at the turning of the XX c. The features that set this form of therapy apart from the conventional psychological and learning methods are the following: The use of a specially prepared set of tools and materials, the specific rules and ways of working with this equipment; The different adult attitudes towards the child as well as the different approaches to the child's development and its needs.

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