Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy

This method allows inhaling pure oxygen under conditions of increased atmospheric pressure. This method gives the opportunity to enrich the oxygen content of the blood plasma and supplying oxygen to all neurones of the brain which if they are in so called “lethargic state” becomes activated. There are carried out 1-2 courses per year with 20-25 procedures each for children at are from 3 months to 18 years after obligatory EEG examination. It is an extremely effective method for birth palsies in their earliest stage.

HBO 4 CP (Neubauer 2003 - http://www.oceanhbo.com)

  • Reactivates idling neurons n Enhances plasticity
  • Efficiently elevates diffusional driving force for O2 thereby increasing tissue oxygen availability
  • Promotes phagocytosis (internal debridment)
  • Ameliorates multiple biochemical changes
  • Restores the integrity of the blood brain barrier and cell membranes
  • Improves cell respiration, reduces cell byproducts - cytokines
  • Promotes neovascularization n Promotes epithelization
  • Acts as scavenger of free radicals
  • Bacteriostatic effects and neutralized certain toxins
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