Hospital "Santa Sofia"

The Hospital is a regional, public health care unit in which medical and other relevant specialists provide the creation of opportunities for social integration of the children with cerebral palcy (CP) by complex cares for them, comprising early diagnosis, complex, multistage and polyvalent medico-pedagogical rehabilitation,training and professional orientation.

There is also carried out training of students and parents for dealing with different problems of the children with cerebral palsy.

The Hospital takes cares for children with cerebral palsy at age of 0 to 24 years. Due to the capacity of the base, the working organization and the qualification of specialists the same services are presented to children with neuro-muscular disorders, namely: obstetrical palsy, torticollis, spina bifida, neural and spinal muscular atrophy, muscular dystrophyas, conditions after inflammatory and traumatic damages of the brain, etc., as well as children with developmental problems, which occur in some genetic and metabolic diseases, when the main problems are of locomotory, speaking and/or mental nature.

The hospital has 100 beds including Department for Early Neuro-Rehabilitation with 46 beds and Department of Late-Rehabilitation with 54 beds

VII - th Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with internetional participation -
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