The team includes physicians of various specialities (physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology and paediatrics), psychologists, logopedists, special pedagogues, physiotherapists, ergotherapists, nurses. These specialists have examined the child’s abilities by their specific knowledge by thorough covering the existing problems.

The team suggests general conclusion for the child’s condition and designs the strategy and tactic of the complex, polyvalent and many multi-stage medico-pedagogical rehabilitation.

It provides a chain of activities corresponding to the calendar and the psycho-motor age of the child, stimulating the correct development of the brain and the creation of new bonds between the healthy brain cells and the saved brain zones. Trough these activities are achieved improvement of the nervous and muscular co-ordination and prevention of the dysfunction of various types, which the team periodically monitors.

The team defines the close and distant aims for the motor, speech and psychic development of the child and the way they can be reached, calibrates the conclusions of all specialists in it and makes a general conclusion, accepted as a law, which is presented to the parents. The team also follows up, according to the calendar age and the psychomotor condition of the child, his/her neuro-motor development and for the carrying out of the planned rehabilitation activities as when necessary adds or corrects the rehabilitation program.

The team supports the child, as well as his/her family. The same directs, corrects and sometimes motivates the parents’ actions and their interaction with the children at home, convincing them in the importance of their functions as their “co-therapists”.

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