Executive Body

General Manager: Ivan Chavdarov, MD, PhD, MAEcs,
Assoc. Prof. of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM); Manual Medicine

DEPARTMENT for Early Neurologycal Rehabilitation,
Chief: Larisa Kurtelova, MD, PRM-specialist

DEPARTMENT for Late Rehabilitation,
Chief: Savina Moncheva, MD, PRM-specialist

UNIT for Administration and Economics,
Chief: Elina B., MS (Master of Accountancy and Control)

UNIT for Consultations and Diagnostics,
Section of Cognitive, Behavioral and Communucational Interventions,
Chief Spec.Pedagogic: Zdravka T., MA (Master of Spec. Pedagogic)
Chief Logopedy: Rosica E., MA (Master of Logopedy)

UNIT for Consultations and Diagnostics,
Section of Physical Therapy,
Chief: Vania F., BA (Physiotherapy), Bachelor of Health Care, Dipl.Vojta-therapist
Section of Ergotherapy,
Chief: Ivelina P., BA (Physiotherapy), MA (kinesiotherapy and rehabilitation), trained ergotherapy at Dom. Sav. institute; Gits, Belgium.

VII - th Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with internetional participation -
Gonkova M., E. Ilieva, I. Chavdarov, N. Petrova,  Evaluation of muscle spasticity in children with cerebral palsy after shock wave therapy; European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine; vol.48, suppl. 1, No.2, June 2012, 62p.
Chavdarov I., Cerebral Palsy: Organization of the complex rehabilitation in Bulgaria; 10.Internationales Symposium fur Neuroorthopedie & Rehabilitation, May 10-13, 2012, Wien, Austria, p.p.presentation
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