The Hospital has two psychologists, who are a little bit profiled according the age range but can change each-other when necessary.

The psychologists in the Hospital except diagnosis deal with individual, group or family psychotherapy as parts of the psychological rehabilitation.

The therapy is applied to children with polyvalent mental disorders and its continuation is defined by the psychologist after discussion with the treating physician as it is most often applied to the children at school age dealing with the secondary problems arisen about the self-understanding and self-realization The psychologist has other very important function: to follow the link between the mother and the child and when necessary to influence for decreasing or strengthening it depending on the case.

The family consultation is of a special value, since there are explained the feature of the disease, its progress and possible results, the place and the role of the parents in the process of treatment.

The psychologists work in close connection with the logopedists and the special pedagogues forming a common strategy for the rehabilitation program of the child.

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